For all types of wheels for passenger cars, vans, off-road vehicles and SUVs with the width of up to 360 mm and the diameter of up to 850 mm with any type of rims and tyres, with water heating system and pneumatic wheel stabilisation system

General features

  • computer control
  • software in 6 languages
  • user-friendly display
  • servomotor with an arm keeping narrower wheels in vertical position
  • sedimentation tank separated from washing chamber
  • double acoustic insulation system (rubber lining, foam)
  • anti-vibration rubber feet
  • outlet pipe valve
  • new, attractive design

Heating system

  • heater power - 4 kW
  • water heating time (to 50°C): 60 - 120 min
  • overheating protection

Standard equipment

  • WULKAN MIX granulate 25 kg
  • granulate basket
  • WULKAN TURBO washing concentrate 30 l
  • plastic protective cover
  • rubber anti slip mat

Optional accessories

  • pneumatic wheel lift
Attached files:
Wheel diameter range
560 - 850 mm
Wheel width range
135 - 360 mm
Maximum weight of wheel
60 kg
Washing times, factory set (adjustable, 3 programmes)
20, 40, 60 sec
Drying time, factory set (adjustable, 1 programme)
15 sec
Water heating time to 50ºC
60 - 120 min
Heater power
4 kW
Pump drive 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz, 5.5 kW
2900 rpm
Pump efficiency
600 lpm
Wheel drive 3-phase 400 V, 50 Hz, 0.55 kW
930 rpm
Motors and drive power
6 kW
Water pressure
4 bar
Quantity of water
300 l
Quantity of WULKAN MIX granulate
20 kg
Quantity of WULKAN TURBO washing concentrate
3 l
Compressed air working pressure
8 - 12 bar
Sound level at 1 m distance
77.2 dB(A)
Acoustic power level
87.1 dB(A)
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
960 x 1212 x 1510 mm
Net weight
330 kg
Maximum limiting number of washing process starts (service lock)
500 starts

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