With tooling options allowing a capacity range of 1.3" to 8" the VB is at home in an industrial diesel or high performance automotive setting. Standard equipment includes a 13.5" CBN milling head featuring 2 double sided CBN inserts.
The CBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) tool insert is a circular solid CBN structure that can be rotated and reversed. CBN inserts offer high speed stock removal, excellent finishes, and long economical cutter life.
The ultimate machine for the progressive shop that wishes the utmost in flexibility to handle any job that comes in the door.

VB260/M  Designed for the Heavy Duty Diesel shop that requires greater milling and boring capacity.

The boring capacity range is 1.18" to 14." Maximum vertical travel of the power head is 36.3." Standard equipment includes a 16" CBN Milling Head. 22" column to centerline distance at bottom of column and 74.8" of table travel give ample capacity for 3412 and 3508 Cat block.
The VB 320SF has infinitely variable spindle rotation, table traverse and boring feed. An added exclusive WVN feature is electronic DUAL AXIS VARIABLE SPEED movement of the table. This allows the operator to position the work piece with joystick controls on the control panel, dramatically reducing the effort required to center the spindle in cylinders for boring operation setup.

-Designed for automotive and high performance machining
-Bore and mill (in M version) with no change set-up
-It is ideal for high performance work or whenever great precision is required
-Production ready comes with boring spindles, tooling, set-up fixtures and CBN milling cutter head
-36" table transverse to mill all common blocks, heads and manifolds
-Bores the full range of automotive and light truck blocks
-Includes set-up fixtures for i-line, plus 60° and 90° V-blocks


Attached files:
MODEL=VB 182 ...... VB 182M
Boring range
30-200 mm ...... 30-200 mm
Max boring height
600 mm ...... 600 mm
Max milling width
/ ...... 340 mm
Max milling length
/ ...... 1225 mm
Max vertical travel of the head
600 mm ...... 600 mm
Distance from spindle center to column
300-420 mm ...... 300-420 mm
Table surface
1430x400 mm ...... 1430x400 mm
Max longitudinal travel of table
1400 mm ...... 1400 mm
Max traverse travel of table
120 mm ...... 120 mm
Max distance between head and table
1100 mm ...... 1100 mm
Spindle rotation
1000 rpm ...... 1000 rpm
Head movement
0-100 mm/min ...... 0-100 mm/min
Table movement
/ ...... 0-200 mm/min
Spindle rotation
1,1 KW ...... 1,1 KW
Head movement (working and rapid feed)
0,55 KW ...... 0,55 KW
Table movement
/ ...... 0,75 KW

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