Four indexing locations on the head stock with the air operated index pins make it faster to dial in the crankshaft properly.
Easily adjusted outboard counterweights never need to be supplemented by inboard weights.
The CG260-1500 's are built very heavy with widely spaced ways to assure positive alignment of the wheel head to the table. Moreover, the controls are easier to use. Precision Incremental In-Feed Lever is much easier to use than a hand wheel to achieve the precise desired journal size. The superior accuracy of this machine allows double plunge grinding precisely to the same size leaving no lap line.
CG260-1500 provides longe machine life, longer grinding wheel life and greater safety for the operator and machine.


Attached files:
Height of centres on table
260 mm
Max distance between centers
1500 mm
Max. distance between self-centring chucks
1450 mm
Swing over table
520 mm
Max head offset (stroke/2)
80 mm
Max diameter admitted on std steady rests
120 mm
Max workpiece diameter-new wheel
160 mm
Max weight admitted between centers
80 kg
Max weight admitted with steady rests
200 kg
Max table speed
5000 mm/min
Table motor power
0,33 KW
Fast grindhead feed
120 mm
Micrometric grindhead feed
160 mm
Hyraulic unit motor power
0,5 KW
Diameter of grinding wheel
660 mm
Max grinding wheel thickness
50 mm
Standard grinding wheel thickness
25 mm
Min grinding wheel thickness
20 mm
Grinding wheel peripheral speed
33 m/s
Wheel rotation motor power
4 KW
Stepless rotation speed
0-90 RPM
Diameter of chucks
160 mm
Headstock rotation motor power
0,5 KW
Operating pressure
Tank capacity
1 l
Pump motor power

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