The electronic balancing machine CE502 is the natural complement of any well-equipped engine rebuilding workshop.
After reconditioning, which involves straightening, welding, tempering and grinding, operations that may alter weight distribution of the crankshaft, an accurate dynamic balance check should be made, to prevent possible vibrations and bad performances of the engine.
The electronic reading system allows the simultaneous unbalance data elaboration on the two supports, without any further intervention. The unbalance extent and porition values are determined at the same time: the first one on an analogue gauge, the second one on a digital display.Data elaboration is independent from any spurious vibration not due to balancing. This guarantees a perfect balancing operation.
A wide range of accessories allows to set the basic machine for balancing any type of crankshaft, propeller shafts and rotors (electric motor, flywheel, etc.), which enter within machine technical possibilities.
The CE502 is provided with two revolutions speed: 450 RPM for crankshafts, 900 RPM for propeller shafts and rotors.
Attached files:
Usable lenght of rotor=1920 mm
Weight of crankshaft and rotors in general
4-400 kg
Weight of propeller shafts (up to 3000 RPM)
5-150 kg
Weight of propeller shafts (up to 3000 RPM)
5-50 kg
Weight of propeller shafts (up to 5000 RPM)
5-20 kg
Max overload on one support
250 kg
Max rotor diameter
735 mm
Minimum-Maximum journal diameter
10-100 mm
Balancing speed
300-5000 RPM
Motor power
4 KW
Maximum sensibility
0.001 mm
Bridge-plane axis height from oscillating support
148 mm
Width of pedestal rollers
28 mm
Dimensions machine
3000x700x1400 mm
590 kg

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