-With the possibility of planetary movement adjustable during the grinding operations. It has been designed for the combination of boring and grinding working.
-Base of cast iron. Variable boring spindle speed with electronic variator and digitals indications.
-Variable con-rod supporting square longitudinal speed with reversal limit switch.
-Con-rod supporting square crosswise movement for easy centering.
-Grinding wheel eccentricity micrometric device.
Coolant system complete with electropump.


Attached files:
MODEL=BR 650 / 1000
Boring capacity (min. and max. dia.)
15-160 mm ..... 15-250 mm
Grinding capacity (min. and max. dia.)
30-160 mm .....30-250 mm
Min. and Max. con-rod center distance
160-650 mm ..... 160-1000 mm
Height of spindle C/L over table
150 mm ..... 380 mm
Boring spindle rotation speeds
0-1200 RPM ..... 0-1200 RPM
Grinding spindle rotation speeds
3300 4400 5300 6300 7500 9000 RPM
Grinding spindle revolution speeds
80-160 RPM ..... 80-160 RPM
Radial grinding travel (max. eccentricity of wheel C/L)
12 mm ..... 12 mm
Max. table traverse
420 mm ..... 420 mm
Variable automatic table speed on both sides
0-165 mm/min ..... 0-165 mm/min
Motor, feed change
0,1 KW ..... 0,1 KW
Motor, boring head
1,5 KW ..... 1,5 KW
Motor, planetary movement of grinding head
0,5-1 KW ..... 0,5-1 KW
Motor, spindle grinding head
1,1 KW ...... 1,1 KW
Motor, cooling system
0,12 KW ...... 0,12 KW

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